LUTON POETRY SOCIETY - "Bringing Poetry To Life"

Founder - Mary Emeji (Luton Poet Laureate)




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Luton Poetry Society is an organisation of poets and lovers of poetry who come together to read and discuss poetry in the friendly, serene atmosphere of Luton Central Library. Established in June 2011 by Luton Poet Laureate Mary Emeji, we aim to facilitate and rejuvenate the culture of poetry in Luton! 

Our meetings take place on the last Saturday of each month at Luton Central Library (Well and Wise Room) from 2.00pm - 4.00pm (with a friendly break in-between). The first part of our meeting is on a set theme - which motivates members to think together and write on a particular subject, and then the second part is general theme all the way. All poets present at our meetings can perform their poems, sell their books and exchange ideas with like minds. Members' poems and poetry profiles are also published on our website.

ALL who love to write, read or listen to poetry are welcome to join us. See our 'Membership' page or just come to the next meeting!

We also welcome classical music instrumentalists to come play some music in-between poetry readings: a gallant mix of words and serenity. Any instrumentalist wishing to perform can contact us! 

We are regularly visited by renowned luminaries who enjoy and encourage our poetry, and in the past have included comedy poet laureate JOHN HEGLEY in July 2012, the former Mayor of Luton Cllr. SYD KNIGHT in September and December 2012, the MP for Luton north KELVIN HOPKINS in June 2013, Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant for Central Bedfordshire HELEN NELLIS in March 2014 and October 2015, and the Mayor of Luton Cllr. DAVE TAYLOR in February 2016.

Have a lovely tour of our online home to meet the poets, read some poems, view photos/ summary of past events....and hey we hope to see you soon!





Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant for Bedfordshire HELEN NELLIS commented:

 "I was delighted to visit the lively Luton Poetry Society to meet the enthusiastic members and to hear such wonderful poetry and music. I am very happy that these exciting poets and musicians are continuing to support and enhance the tradition of poetry in our County. It was an afternoon to remember!"





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 [With the Mayor of Luton Cllr. Dave Taylor at Valentine Poetry Reading, February 2016]

  His comment: "Great job you are doing Mary. Thanks for inviting me. Poetry brings everyone together and makes everyone happy. Carry on with the good work!"


[With the MP for Luton North KELVIN HOPKINS in June 2013]


 [With Her Majesty's Lord-lieutenant HELEN NELLIS in March 2014]





In March 2018, Mary received the High Sheriff's Citizenship award presented by the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire Vinod Tailor, in recognition of Mary's "Great and Valuable Services in the Community."





Poetry tugs at the heartstrings,
Instigating an outburst of powerful emotions
Of love, sadness, bewilderment or joyful rings:
A pirouette of the senses in upward and downward motions,
Reaching its peak in ecstatic chimes and dings!

Mary Emeji (Founder)